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About NextGen Bootcamp

NextGen Bootcamp was founded in 2016 by Zach Cohen, who had the mission to bring immersive coding education to a younger age. Zach believed that middle school, high school, and college students were being deprived of a true coding education. He felt that the coding summer programs currently being offered were not serious enough and the coding bootcamps in the city were not tailored for a younger clientele. After these thoughts and a lot of research, Zach decided to pursue his idea!

NextGen initially started as an 8-week summer coding bootcamp intensive in New Jersey. High school and college students were taught Python by a Harvard CS Professor from 10-3:30, 4 days a week. This program was an immediate success and the students would show up early and stay late every day!

Word started to spread about this small coding program in NJ and NextGen started to get contacted by students in NYC. So, the following summer, NextGen listened and launched a larger program in New York City. NextGen also added a Columbia Professor full-time to handle building the curriculum.

After a successful summer, NextGen decided to expand more with after-school programs and in-school training, as well as new summer classes. NextGen has worked with top public and private schools in NYC & NJ to create coding programs and elective courses for the school’s respective students. NextGen also added many new summer courses & certificate programs. NextGen Summer Code & Development certificate program is offered only in NYC and is a 7-week long class that teaches web, app, and game development. Students learn 5 coding languages over the summer and build a portfolio. Additionally, in NJ or LA, students can take our 5-week web and app developer intensive. Students learn 4 languages and leave the class with a dynamic website and IPhone app. Additionally, students interested in learning Java and Python can take our 4-week Computer Science Summer Camp. If a student is only available for a short-period of time, they can enroll in our 2-week programs in web development, app development, game design, Python, and Java!

All of NextGen’s classes are open to individuals with no coding experience. NextGen’s believes that learning in an intimate, immersive environment allows students to grasp concepts quickly! This philosophy has held true and if you don’t believe us, check out our amazing reviews! This is why NextGen keeps its classes and locations very small. NextGen does not accept more than 20 students per location and all of NextGen’s classes have an 8:1 student to teacher ratio.

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