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The Perks of Knowing Java

If the world was run by programmers, Java programmers would sit at the top of the power chain quite comfortably. This is essentially because Java teaches the core CS fundamentals which are the basic foundation of programming, and may be necessary to progress learning more advanced languages. You’ll find Java in almost all operating systems, in all types of devices and in both web and non-web environments which only reinforces its importance. Learning Java will not only help you master the basics of programming but will also teach you to think like a programmer, something just as crucial for your career. 

Here’s why you should get started with Java: 

Learning to Code from Zero 

Many people are afraid of learning programming because it’s known for its complicated structure and highly demanding nature. But when you start with Java and learning to code from zero, it’s much easier to move your way up. 

One of the main reasons people learn Java is because it’s actually easy to lean. You don’t need to master mathematics, you simply need to understand the logic behind it. You’ll also find that Java is a high-level language, meaning you don’t have to dive too deep to create a program that will function properly. 

Once you get familiar with Java and understand how it works, it will surely become a handy tool for a great number of tasks in your programming career, and that alone can get you far. 

Highly Functional 

Java is used by most academic institutions in majors of Computer Science and AP Computer Science. Since Java will virtually run on almost every single operating system, it has become a popular choice for beginner courses in the Computer Science field. 

Java is also the language of choice for writing apps on Android phones and tablets meaning that any form of device programming has to involve Java. You’ll find that Java can be used for critical areas in Computer Science such as developing Java web applications, implementing software tools, and using scientific applications. 

Regardless of whether or not you will use Java later on in your life, you’ll learn crucial aspects of programming including syntax, ideas, patterns, and styles that are easily transferable to other programming languages. 

Community Support

As Java seems to be on top of the list for programming, it also means there’s a strong and thriving community waiting to help you out. Java has been lucky in that it has built a lively and effective community with lots of active forums such as StackOverflow, open-source organizations, and several Java user groups to help with everything. 

In this flourishing online community, there is help for all levels including beginners, advanced, and even Java programming experts who have moved on to more complicated scenery. You’ll be happy to know that most expert programmers actually provide free advice in various Java forums and are willing to go the extra mile and make sure you’re comfortable. 

As a Java newbie, you’ll be getting more than just training, but expert tips and real support that many other programming platforms are still attempting to have. 

Career Booster 

Currently, Java is the third most demanded skill on Angel List. Numerous tech giants like Amazon and Google use Java to develop the backend of their websites and since Java has outstanding performance, many startups will opt to integrate their apps with Java to power features that rely on a great performance. 

In this constantly changing era, many people starting out in programming try to stay as relevant as possible and may question whether Java is still applicable. It is safe to say that Java has a slow update cycle for new versions to assure backward compatibility and enterprises are just as slow to endorse changes as well, which works for both parties. It is also important to consider that since Oracle owns Java, the language is constantly improved to remain relevant, fix bugs, and to continue and thrive in the programming universe. 

When it comes to mastering Java, it’s just as crucial to find the right learning dynamics. NextGen Bootcamp, a computer science education company has the right resources and tools to help you thrive on your Java programming journey. 

Our Java Programming Summer Camp is the perfect beginner course customized for people with little to no programming experience. Learn the basics of Java, and quickly transition into high-level programming material in just one summer to gain a head start on your programming career.

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