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Why Learning Python Will Transform Your College Experience

Things are constantly changing in the technical world. In 2016, Python replaced Java as one of the most prominent languages in universities, and since then Python has only gotten more famous. Python is growing, and it’s shifting things big time. If you’re about to enter the programming or technology world, or you’re currently there, you might have noticed this rise in significance in developer communities like StackOverFlow and CodeAcademy. 

But the greatest question of all still remains—why should you learn Python? 

Data Science 

This is one of the main reasons programmers justify learning Python. Many programmers tend to learn multiple languages and sometimes practice so often they get bored. The libraries and framework Python offers—like PyBrain and Machine Learning—can be very stimulating for the brain and turn into an exciting challenge. 

Learning Python also allows for diversity. Python allows you to create scripts for automation, dive into web development, and engage in other activities that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to when studying different languages. 


Python is not as complicated as it sounds. One of the main reasons programmers like to start their career studying Python is because it’s quite readable and straightforward. When potential students first begin programming and coding, it’s important they don’t begin with a language that doesn’t pride itself on difficult syntax or irrational rules.

Python is the perfect way to start if you’re just entering the programming world. It is easier to set up, and there is no need to handle any classpath troubleshooting like Java or deal with compiler issues like C++. While installing Python on your computer, the program will ask you to add Python in PATH, which means you can run Python from essentially anywhere on your device. 

Machine Learning 

The growth of machine learning has skyrocketed, and it is changing everything. This means algorithms are being refined every day, like Google’s Search Algorithms, which can now understand relationships and keywords like never before. There are even chatbots to answer your queries when entering a website, and Uber is now wholly driven by algorithms. 

If you’re interested in entering the AI and machine learning world, Python is the only dominant programming language that makes it easy. While there are machine learning libraries available in Java, there will be more available content around Python in the developer community, given it is the preferred route!

Libraries and Frameworks

Python and Java are similar in that they both have a significant number of open-source libraries, modules, and frameworks available to help you do whatever you wish. This makes application development a whole lot easier and can help make experimentation a lot simpler.

Python has several libraries addressed to various needs. For example, Django and Flask are two of the most popular for web development, and NUmPy and SciPy are for data science. As a matter of fact, Python has one of the top collections of machine learning and data science libraries, like TensorFlow, Pandas, and a whole lot more. Having such a plethora of resources and knowledge can make the process of learning more accessible, more efficient, and even more exciting. 


One of the other most popular reasons why you should study Python is the massive amount of support and community opportunities. Python is open-source, so you can get to know every aspect if this is what you’re looking for. Simultaneously, Python has a great community of real developers who can help you every step of the way.

It’s important to consider that being a programmer means going through a lot of trial-and-error and troubleshooting. An active community comes in handy when you have technical issues or you’re learning to build projects with Python and have specific questions. 

When it comes to resolutions, with an extensive community, developers can give you advice or even use your code to find bugs you can’t locate. The Python community is stronger than ever before, and knowing how to use the right resources like its network is crucial. 

Starting your college career with learning Python can be life-changing and open many doors to opportunities in the technology world. With Python, you can build simple scripts to elaborate applications. Python is creative, expressive, readable, and makes writing software a lot more enjoyable.

Start your summer right with NextGen Bootcamp’s Python Summer Camp, and learn everything you need to jumpstart your career. 

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