Key Information
Computer Science Summer Certificate Program Live Online
$3,695 95 Hours
In this live online summer certificate, high school students master the fundamentals of programming in both Java and Python. Students get a head start on the AP Computer Science Exam, and learn the fundamentals of data science and machine learning.
Open to Beginners
Live Online or Live Online
Not currently scheduled
New York-licensed Certificate Program
Workbook Included
Courses Included (Certificates & packages only)
  • 50 HoursJava Programming Summer Program Live Online
  • 45 HoursPython Data Science Summer Program Live Online
12-Month Financing
Target Audience
What You’ll Learn
  • Write and use industry-standard algorithms
  • Write your own program in both the object and procedural paradigm
  • Read and understand large programs
  • Understand how to think like a programmer
  • Write your own functions
  • Write code with Python
  • Input data with Pandas
  • Clean and wrangle data in Python
  • Visualize data with Matplotlib
  • Write and use machine learning algorithms

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