Summer 2022 Courses Dates Are Available (Live Online or NYC). Early Bird Pricing Through January 31, 2022

Zoom Access for Live Online Training

All our classes are available live online using Zoom, a videoconferencing software. View this 1-minute clip of a live online class in action. You'll work on the same hands-on projects as our in-person courses while interacting with the instructor.

How to Request the Live Online Option

  • At checkout in the student information section, choose the "Online" option. 
  • You can also switch an in-person registration to Live Online by emailing at least 1 hour before class.

How to Get Setup

  • The day before class, we will send each online participant the Zoom meeting link as well as any class files.
  • The link will prompt you to download Zoom for free (5 minutes or less).
  • You should download any required software prior to class. Email if you don't have the software.
  • Online participants should log into the meeting at least 15 minutes beforehand so we can help with any issues.

What Can You Do with Zoom?

  • Watch and hear the instructor's screen real-time
  • Speak to the instructor using your computer audio, phone, or external microphone
  • Chat with the instructor
  • Share your screen with the instructor
  • Allow the instructor to temporarily take control of your computer

Is this like Pre-Recorded Training?

While our live online training can be taken anywhere, it has several key benefits compared to on-demand courses:

  • Throughout the training, there will be a live instructor present to perform demonstrations and guide you through class projects.
  • Unlike most pre-recorded training, our live online training is completely hands-on; you'll be working on real-world projects with guidance from the instructor.
  • You can ask questions, share your screen, and chat with the top experts in real-time.
  • You will receive class files and PDF manuals as supporting materials at no extra charge.

Concerns About Live Online Training?

We offer several solutions for those new to online training:

  • Your first class will start 15 minutes early (no charge). The instructor will ensure your online system is set up properly and will conduct a tutorial on the necessary features for class.
  • See our brief student tutorial for live online training with Zoom
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