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4 Surprising Things You Can Do With Python

Before taking an introductory class to Python, you may be tempted to know what you can really do with Python. Many students who take any coding class essentially finish the course asking themselves what’s next. It’s good to know that in this case, Python is a very adaptive programming language with a variety of roads to choose from. 

If you’ve grasped the foundations of Python or are thinking about it, here’s what you can do next: 

Automate the Tedious Stuff 

There are multiple books you can find on how you can use Python to automate tedious tasks like updating spreadsheets and renaming files on your computer. Learning how to automate such things is the perfect start for someone who’s just finished learning the basics of Python. 

By using automation and incorporating Python, you can easily practice what you’ve learned by creating dictionaries, working with files, and develop objects and classes. The dynamic applications you’ll come across will inspire you and provide you with real-world results you can see right away. 

More importantly, when you start practicing Python for the first time, start slow. Begin with something as easy as renaming a file or adjusting a spreadsheet, and don’t move too fast until you feel ready for the next challenge. 

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Extract Twitter Data 

If you’re more into the analytical aspect of Python, there’s a project out there for you. Thanks to the internet, we have access to tons of data that weren’t available to us even a decade ago. Knowing how to analyze data is a crucial part of any field that works with processing information and involves asking questions like, “What are people talking about?” or “What patterns can you see?” 

While many social media platforms can be used to extract data, Twitter would be a great place to start. If you’re convinced you’d like to go into Data Analysis as a career path, creating a Twitter data mining project is a great way to apply your Python skills to answer questions and concerns about the world you live in. 

You can use apps like Tweepy to filter tweets you’d like to pull out, TextBlob to appraise the sentimental value of the tweet, and Kibana to visualize the results. More importantly, once you’ve accomplished this project, you’ll have a better understanding of data analytics and be able to move forward to other areas like text processing and speech recognition.

Build a Blockchain

While blockchain was initially developed as a commercial technology, it has since spread to many other industries. Blockchains can be used in almost every kind of transaction, from real estate deals to medical record transmissions.

You can take the extra step and gain a better understanding of how it works by building one yourself. Python actually allows you to create a simple blockchain in less than 50 lines of code. First, you would need to define what the block will look like and then slowly implement the right elements. In Python, you can easily take on many tasks with a single command, which makes it easier to do the work of building blocks and linking relevant information together. 

Bottom line: Use your Python skills to start learning blockchain, and you’ll be a master of both in no time. 

Play PyGames 

For those of you looking to be more adventurous, you can use Python to code many arcade games, puzzle games, and adventure games you can set up in just a few days. The classics like ping-pong and hangman are all achievable and will surely point you to the fun side of coding. 

If you haven’t already heard of Pygame, it is an entirely free and open-source platform that makes it easier to build your own games. Simply choose from a library of computer graphics and sounds and integrate interactive performance to make it your own. Whatever you’d like to invent on this platform, you’ll be able to show it off in the Pygame community and add it to one of your many coding milestones. 

When it comes to mastering a language, especially one that’s as flexible as Python, it’s crucial to get as much experience as possible. Choose a platform you want to work with and implement your skills to build new projects. Once you have a few developments under your sleeve, you’ll feel more confident, empowered, and undoubtedly more competent at making your next career move. 

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