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Why It’s a Must to Spend a Summer Learning Digital Skills

When planning out your next summer, we’ll bet you’re not imagining spending sun-kissed days taking online courses. While ending high school should be welcomed with an exciting itinerary, it should also be full of good decisions. Knowing what to expect in the next life-changing years will help determine your future success in the competitive college world. 

Here’s why you should consider taking a summer class learning digital skills: 

Prevent Learning Loss

Yes, it’s a thing. Associating summer with trips and adventure can also mean that your brain is not necessarily being stimulated or maximizing its capacity. Also known as summer slide or brain drain, students who turn off their brains in the upcoming summer months have a more difficult time getting back to studying and retaining information when the time comes. 

Research even suggests that 2 months of reading skills and 2.5 months of math material is lost over a single summer. This occurs due to the brain’s transition from initiating analytical and critical work to almost none for quite a while causing crucial information to be lost. 

Learning a new skill over the summer can not only help you retain more information and act as a functional advantage for your brain, but it can also help create a vital working habit that you’ll surely treasure in the future. It also means that you can focus on managing your time and balance work with fun. In other words, no FOMO and an extra skill to show off in your resume.

Competitive Advantage 

If you haven’t yet noticed, you’re about to enter a competitive world with a high demand for Computer Science and IT skills. The technology world is impacting almost everything from science research in health development, banking, communication, banking, and everything in between. Consequently, there’s a constant desire to have brilliant tech-minds to create, control, and consolidate both gadgets and code.

This high appeal for qualified IT specialists means that Computer Science careers are quite well-paid. In the United States, for example, the median annual salary for IT occupations was 86,000 USD in 2018, and now only rising. 

By taking advanced lessons like our top-selling Computer Science Summer Program, you’ll have a chance to learn and master technical proficiencies that will place you way ahead of the game. 

No Limits 

When taking online summer classes at NextGen Bootcamp, you can explore interests outside of coding. Courses like the Graphic & Web Design Summer Program can help you discover a new universe focused on learning design applications and web graphics. Get a chance to retouch photos and create graphics in Photoshop while also getting familiar with page layouts in Adobe Indesign.

Here, at NextGen Bootcamp, opportunities in the technology world are endless, and we want to make sure you’re surrounded with options that you’ll love. Even more so, you’ll learn from top instructors in the real-world experience and practice with hands-on exercises to help maximize your learning. Personalized attention and a focus on real-life dynamics will help you transform a study experience into ultimate finesse. 

Career Flexibility 

Learning to code and design can help open up a land of opportunity you didn’t know existed. We’re talking about freelancing freedom, especially when you’re a full-time student and need to make some money on the side. Today, many companies aim to find young and talented individuals willing to work for project-based deals. This would mean having the flexibility to get a degree while simultaneously applying other skills for an income. 

Aside from freelancing, many other career opportunities involve critical thinking, especially in the technology field where innovation dominates. Coding, for example, is the language of critical reasoning, as you typically use syntax and semantics to express problems and make ideas more real. Learning to code and design does not only help you gain skills, but they also sharpen pre-existing ones like thinking outside the box. 

When it comes to knowing a thing or two about code and design, NextGen Bootcamp is a leading master. This is why we’re inviting you to take your summer to the next level and get ahead of the competition. The best part? With such flexible dates and convenient rates, you’ll be able to balance your days and enjoy your summer without the fear of regretting something that would have skyrocketed your career path. Check out our Summer Coding Camps in NYC for more information. Located in NJ? Check out our Coding Summer Camps NJ page for more information. 

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